Friday 18 November 2016 This is what i found on the internet by a man called Micah Mattix and he siad ;The short answer is “no,” of course. To state the obvious, things can share certain attributes and not be the same sort of thing, and asking whether rap is poetry has always struck me […]

Tuesday 17 May 2016       juniors world   I disagree with this order because I think mr p should be out to the last line because they aren’t close at all  and to junior thinks that Penelope is close to him. Rowdys friendship is different because junior fills more comfortable to tell things […]

Thursday 11 May Racism in the book from the classmates at reedan.    2 gets discriminated by society in general   3  The way he talks and looks racism in education    1 Education has the most responsibility towards junior because with no education he can’t do anything In life and he went to reedan […]

Thursday 5 May What’s true yes but it is also about not having parents to surrport you bait=explicit   Fact deeper meaning = implicit   Opinion reedan school junior got in an argument and got confused why the other boys didn’t fight back yes it is also about him know that he will not be […]

Tuesday 3 May Native American.                White American.  Poor.                                      Rich                    Trapped                       […]

Go,Go,Go Kill fight back scared think there not human angry I think he shouldn’t leave because he will be classed a traitor but the the other hand if he does go he could encourage other native Americans to leave then they can work together to fight back. today junior told me he is going to […]

class work                           19/04/2016 the diary of a part time Indian   Rowdy and the narrators       relationship   there are best friends : Who did this to you did they hit you in your head,is you head ok rowdy gets […]

Thursday 12 April 2016 The absolutely true diary of a part time Indian Tribe,Texas,Olden times,red indias,teepees and home made items From what we have read today I think there would be untreated and left to get on with life also they would never go back to the way they used to live life and enjoy […]

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“There is nothing to writing. All you do is sit down at a typewriter and bleed.” ― Ernest Hemingway